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China Venture Capital Research Institute CVCRI was founded in 2003 by Cheng Siwei, vice chairman of Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of China and Dr. Pan Zongguang, former president of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. CVCRI is the most influential hub and platform for China’s overseas investments and China’s venture capital industry development.

CVCRI headquarter is located in Hong Kong, with operational headquarter in Shenzhen, China. CVCRI has full service branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hefei, Shenyang and Chengdu, with more than one hundred highly trained and seasoned employees. All CVCRI offices have established a close relationship with many large and medium size companies throughout China as well as with central ministries and local governments.

As the most effective platform for venture capital in China, CVCRI has held thirty international venture capital, investments and private equity forums as well as twelve regional venture capital and private equity forums in various regions of China. Furthermore, CVCRI has held dozens of match-making events throughout China which have facilitated for more than 100 companies to acquire collectively more than one Billion U.S Dollars in capital.

CVCRI has successfully conducted twenty seven studies on venture capital policy and industry development, carried out nine surveys on China venture capital industry, released more than one hundred classic case studies and fifty six analysis reports of industry investment. Furthermore, CVCRI has published more than fifty editions of China Venture Capital Journals as well as various highly informative books. CVCRI also publishes the prestigious China Venture Capital magazine as well as China Venture Capital Yearbook containing key figures and facts. CVCRI also provides advanced professional training classes to China’s venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

CVCRI has made significant contributions to refine China's venture capital environment, promote exchanges and cooperation in both domestic and foreign venture capital industry, facilitate successful venture capital investments in excellent projects, and train local venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. Thus it is highly praised by State leaders, ministry leaders, venture capitalists as well as entrepreneurs at home and abroad and it has become the top professional service platform in China venture capital industry.